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GeminiRetired Design *

Designed by: Sidney DeW. Herreshoff

The Gemini is a wonderful design for light to moderate wind conditions. Her light weight, planning hull provides for an exhilarating sail. The twin leeboards not only provide better performance but also create more cockpit space than a typical centerboard boat because the centerboard trunk isn’t taking up space and creating an obstacle to step over. She sails best with two but easily accommodates 5 adults. The Gemini is a breeze to launch and rig at a ramp.

* RETIRED DESIGN NOTE Retired Cape Cod boats were built at one time, but due to a lack of owner support have been removed from regular production. The fiberglass molds to build these boats remain at Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. but custom replacement parts may not be readily available. A retired boat could be built, but a fleet order would need to be placed to bring the molds into the shop.

Line drawing
Length Overall16’ 1”
Length Waterline14’ 9”
Beam5’ 7”
Draft Hull7”
Draft (boards down)40”
Sail Area140 sq. ft.
Weight440 lbs.
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