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CCSB storage

Specializing in sailboat storage and repair, Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. ® offers service for all fiberglass boats built by the company. Storage is also available for other boats less than 15 Tons with a max draft of 7 feet. Our storage customers receive personal service; when boats arrive they are inspected for off-season maintenance suggestions, each boat is well cared for throughout the off-season whether inside or outside, off-season work from bottom painting to hull refinishing is scheduled and completed so boats are ready to hit the water again come springtime. Engine work must be arranged with an outside contractor by the owner.

Fiberglass repairs, new woodwork installation, and aluminum spar and rigging work are all of part of our repair repertoire. Please inquire for quotations on all repairs. Photos and specific repair information are recommended to begin the process.

Summer Storage

May - August (approx.)
By Square Foot$2.50
Bull’s Eye In Cradle (moved in prior)$220.00
Shields In Cradle (moved in prior)$490.75
By Square Foot$1.50
Bull’s Eye (covered prior)$132.00
Shields (covered prior)$294.45
Please Note: Boats may be charged for the extra time spent on the dock or property, and any cover repairs necessary.

Winter Storage

September - April (approx.)
By Square Foot$5.00
Bull’s Eye Package in cradle$1,573.00
Shields Package in cradle$2,256.50
By Square Foot$3.00
Bull’s Eye (owner covers w/Top Gun)$1,397.00
Shields (owner covers w/Top Gun)$1,863.90
Bull’s Eye and Shields winter packages include: Hauling, Unrigging, Powerwashing, Winter Storage, Standard Bottom Painting (for Bull’s Eye only), Rigging, Launching, 10 days dockage.

Customize Your Own Storage Package

Hauling and Unrigging
Labor$80.00 per hour
Travel Lift Charge (Plus Labor)$4.00 per foot
Boom Truck Fee (Plus Labor)$30 un-step mast
Pressure Wash Fee (Plus Labor)$100.00
Inside Storage$5.00 per sq. ft.
Outside Storage$3.00 per sq. ft.
Dockage per day $25.00
Dockage per week $70.00

For Your Information:

Prices subject to change without notice. Please inquire for packages that include boats on trailer.

Please respect the signs stating “No Unauthorized Persons Beyond This Point” they are for your safety. Boat owners may work during normal working hours. Outside contractors must be pre-approved, apply at office. No sanding or bottom painting inside buildings. Hazardous materials must not penetrate the ground or water. Management encourages that insurance policies include out of water coverage. Cape Cod Shipbuilding Co. is not responsible for any theft that occurs during storage. The yard is locked after hours, but we request all valuables be removed before storage.

Note: All storage sailboats must have their masts taken down for storage. If the boat is on a trailer please include the overall length and width of the boat on the trailer (including the trailer). We do charge for empty trailer summer storage.


1/3 deposit on storage packages is due when boat arrives, balance is due by February 1st. For all other work, payment is due according to the terms on the invoice. All bills must be paid in full before the boat leaves the premises. Storage boats remaining over summer are invoiced with terms 30 days.

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