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Rhodes 19 Masts, Tubes and Rigging

 Stuart Marine Competition Spar #2 tube length 28'Please Inquire
 Stuart Marine Competition Spar No jumpers #2 tube 28'Please Inquire
 O'Day Competition Spar #2 tube length 28'Please Inquire
 O'Day style Tapered spar #2 no jumpersPlease Inquire
 Non-tapered Racing spar #2Please Inquire
 Non-tapered Racing spar #2 deck steppedPlease Inquire
 Economy #2 spar 28', no taper (external halyards)Please Inquire
 Shipping tube/packing for mast$250.00
 Boom #1 10' 4" fixed gooseneck$406.00
 Shipping tube/packing for boom$95.00
 Internal 4:1 Outhaul, additional$296.00
 Spinnaker pole 1 1/4" O.D. tubing 6' 9" L.O.A$250.00
 Spinnaker pole end fitting RF677 1 1/4"$48.00
 Jumper socket (price each)$40.00
 Jumper strut 5/8 dia (price each)$14.00
 Jumper cross arm (price each) 23" OA 22 ? CL$52.00
 Jumper adjustable tip (price each)$26.00
Rhodes part imageSpreader base assembly (1 ss rod & 2 alum. sleeves)$74.00
 Spreader aluminum sleeve$23.00
 Spreader Stainless Steel threaded rod 3/8"$28.00
 Spreader tip 7/8" O.D. tubing (price each)$25.00
 Spreader w/tip 7/8 installed (price each)$65.00
 Spreader tube only (price each)$23.00
 Down haul cleat & tube$15.00
 Gooseneck mast slide part A$34.00
 Gooseneck toggle part B$22.00
 Tack pin$9.50
 Gooseneck (fixed) tube end casting w/tack$65.00
 Gooseneck Assembly (fixed) parts A through M$127.00
 Mast head, non-tapered (no jumpers or sheaves)$63.00
 Mast head tapered pin 4 jmprs, bkstay sheaves$96.00
 Mast Step Casting #2$30.00
 Double Sheave Exit Box part #5$62.00
 Hound, alm w/forestay attachment part11$65.00
Rhodes part imageHound racing including 2" ring for spin halyard$90.00
 Halyard-main Sta-set 61'$118.00
 Halyard-Jib Sta-set 51'$110.00
 Halyard Spinnaker Sta-set 44'$99.00
 Hound, stainless steel w/forestay attachment$106.00
 Ring on mast plate for spin pole RF30$29.00
 Headstay 1/8" wire 19' 8" w/SJ open T/B$102.00
 Upper shroud 1/8" wire 18' 5 3/8" w/SJ open T/B$101.00
 Lower shroud 1/8" wire 10' 8 5/8" w/SJ open T/B$92.00
 Backstay 3/32" wire 27' 6 3/4" w/ SJ open T/B$99.00
 Backstay, no turnbuckle$48.00
 Backstay w/nicro press thimble$48.00
 Jumper wire 3/32" wire 14' 8" ANE to ME (each)$38.00
 Standing Rigging complete set (no jumpers)$587.00
 Headstay 1/8" wire 19' 8" OBTB & T Hook$111.00
 Upper shroud 1/8" wire 18' 5 3/8" OBTB & T Hook$110.00
 Lower shroud 1/8" wire 10' 8 5/8" OBTB & T Hook$102.00
 Backstay 3/32" wire 27' 6 3/4" For non-tapered mast$113.00
 Backstay, no turnbuckle For non-tapered mast$48.00
 Backstay w/ME For non-tapered mast$65.00
 Backstay 3/32" wire 27' 6 3/4" For non-tapered mast$99.00
 Tang Stainless steel 85-02 w/3/8 hole in center for lower shrouds and jumper wire (price each)$25.00

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